AAA Game Coordinator Sign-up

Updated Monday March 21, 2016 by Capitola-Soquel Little League.

Hello League Volunteers,


We asked for Umpires in the AA division and you are really responding.  Now we need Game Coordinators!


We have a fantastic group of under-18 former CSLL players umpiring nearly all of the AAA games this season:  David Blanke, Caleb Bruce, Angelo De Bernardo III, Wyatt Felldin, Will Forbes Jr., Lucio Kim-Murakami, Connor Mootz, Joe Wyrsch, and RJ Wyrsch.


By Little League rules, a game with only non-adult umpires must have an adult Game Coordinator assigned by CSLL or the game cannot be played. The Game Coordinator cannot be a coach or manager in that game and must:


  • Be included in the pre-game meeting.
  • Remain at the game at all times.
  • Only be assigned to one game at a time.
  • Oversee the conduct of players, managers and coaches and be authorized to disqualify them with cause.
  • Have authority to make playability decisions.


We need Executive Board members, General Board members, Managers and Coaches from other teams, Team Parents, and Scorekeepers to serve as Game Coordinators.


AAA Managers should monitor the sign up sheet to see if their games are covered and should identify volunteers among their parents who can fill this role and get them to sign-up or at least be ready in case, at game-time, a Game Coordinator is not assigned, or does not show up. Again, a Game Coordinator must be identified before any game with only under-18 umpires can proceed.


Pleas sign up here: Google Docs – Game Coordinator sign-up sheet.


Thank You,
Mike Crane
Umpire Coordinator